RAHDO® Landscaping

RAHDO Landscaping offers a product line of artificial grass yarns for natural-looking landscape and leisure turf. With straight, texturised and multi-directional synthetic fibers available in a range of colors, RAHDO Landscaping delivers high quality, consistent products for tufting.

Our UV-stabilized, durable yarns provide you with the ideal components for landscaping artificial grass used in domestic, commercial, or municipal settings.

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Natural looking
Synthetic yarn

RAHDO Landscaping yarns are available in varying bulk densities and colors to support the production of realistic-looking synthetic grasses and root zones.

The RAHDO Landscaping range meets normal standards of UV resistance and is temperature-resistant for hot climates. Dtex options range from 500 up to 2500 and therefore offer the ideal solution for a broad portfolio of landscaping turf products. Whether you’re looking to manufacture an aesthetic, low-use artificial grass or a hard-wearing turf for high traffic areas, RAHDO Landscaping delivers the flexibility you need.

RAHDO Landscaping yarns are available in a variety of traditional shapes, such as oval, C, ribbed and rectangle, as well as specialized shapes, including snake, V and wave.

This diverse range of yarns ensures a natural appearance, durability, and flexibility for your landscaping and leisure turf.

Dependent on client preference, we are able to modify the level of shine for RAHDO Landscaping yarns. This customization feature allows you to determine a key element of how your artificial grass products will look.

Further customized options are available on request for RAHDO Landscaping and include: antistatic, antimicrobial, and increased UV resistance.

Technical specs & custom orders of RAHDO products

Our comprehensive RAHDO range of synthetic yarns has been designed to suit a number of applications and turf types. To receive technical information or detailed specifications for any of our products, please click the button and send us your request.

Additionally, if you’d like to discuss customised products to suit any specialist requirements, we’d love to hear from you and work with you to ensure you have access to the yarns that you need. Get in touch with us here

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As a member of the ESTC, we actively and proudly support the growth, promotion, and development of the synthetic turf industry.

Schramm is ISO 50001 Energy Management certified as we believe in the importance of having clear management systems and processes for continual improvement in place.

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